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Thank you again. Getting this common law application together has been so much work and having this final step be so easy has been so wonderful.

Valentina Lucherini

 I have been using Colombo Translation to translate my documents for immigration and ICBC for a few years now, and they always offer a great service. Alice is extremely helpful and reliable. Her translations are always accurate and delivered in a timely manner. I could not have hoped for a better translator to help me out with my documents.

Teresa C.

I simply wanted to thank you. WES finally accepted all the documentation for the recognition. Thanks again for your work and professionalism. I will definitely recommend you to friends who may require similar services.

Antonietta M.

I would like to thank Alice Ungarini for her professionalism! Impeccable and extremely fast service! I received the translation of my Italian documents within 24 hrs and CIC approved my Sponsorship application to become a Permanent Resident without any problems!!  Thank you!

Immigrating to a new country can be stressful. Let us make it easier.


​We helped thousands of people in their journey to a new home by providing Certified Translations accepted by Immigration Canada, US and Commonwealth Countries. 

Trust our years of experience with your life changing applications!


Complex legal jargon requires training, knowledge and experience.

Colombo Translation has worked for years providing legal translation services for Court proceedings, Court Registries, Immigration applications and more. 

Trust the professionals.


Going back to school? Looking for a job? Proving your qualifications to CIC? 

We translate educational documents for University and College applications, for credit evaluation services like WES and ICES, and for academic transfers.

We go the extra mile translating and adapting your CVs and resumes to local regulations & guidelines. Because your future is important.

Education & Training

Converting your Driver's License? Signing up for auto Insurance, EVO, MODO or renting a car? We'll get you on the road in no time!

​We have helped many newcomers, visitors and students convert their licenses by interpreting for the Knowledge Test or translating their documents for insurance discounts and more.

Our translators are ICBC and MTO Approved!

ICBC & Carshare

When your health is on the line, expert communication is essential!

Our translators are field experts and our interpreters have specialized training in the medical sector. Colombo Translation is proud to work regularly with the Provincial Healthcare Authority.


​We take care of translating  complex medical terms, so you can focus on your health and family.


Stress Free Translations

We understand your needs and we will help you quickly and affordably.

See our services below.

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